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Texting While Driving

In an effort to increase safety on throughways, new legislation took effect on July 1, 2011, which limits a driver’s ability to text while driving in Indiana.

While this law does not prohibit texting if used in conjunction with hands free technology, unique problems in regards to the enforcement of this statute are present.

How does the police officer differentiate between a driver making a phone call (which is legal) and sending a text message (which is illegal) without seeing the screen?

If a police officer is mistaken, try to preserve your logs in an attempt to show that you were not texting at the time. To be safe, however, it might just be advisable to refrain from using your cell phone at all, unless it is through hands free technology, when operating a motor vehicle.

For further information in resolving an incident involving a texting while driving violation, please contact our office.

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